You will find many day spas in London ON and places where you can have laser hair removal, facials, laser skin treatments, aromatherapy massages, body polishes and premium waxing for the entire body. And they’re all great without a doubt. One thing that is in abundance in London, ON is spas.

With several educational organizations in our area, training many individuals to pursue a career in esthetics, we’re also glad to report that we have some of the best talent in esthetics in the London, ON area.

The question than that comes to mind is, “how do I choose a day spa in London, ON to book a waxing service?” or “what is the best spa in London, ON, to get a facial”. People have different criteria when looking for a good spa to visit but we can probably all agree that service is one on the top of the list.

is probably a rare commodity now days. People are so preoccupied in their minds that most of the times they don’t focus on listening to the other person. That of course has tremendous affect in the overall result of any treatment in a spa. By listening to our clients carefully we are able to understand their concerns. Understand what really matters to them. We don’t just treat all of our clients the same way like a production line. We don’t manufacture widgets here at Etherion, we manufacture tranquility and skincare results that are noticeable immediately and are substantially value oriented.

We believe that being able to be have healthy and glowing skin should not be only for the Jetsetters but also for the everyday professional man and woman that values their skin appearance as much as they values their outfit and accessories. It’s the whole package that matters for them and they understand that a complete picture of themselves portrays completeness and a person with attention to detail. And who would you choose to do business with?