Your Initial Visit

If this is the first time visiting Etherion-Advanced Skin Care and Body Centre, please remember to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Before your treatment we offer a professional skin analysis and consultation. Our skin therapist will discuss your concerns with you, and attempt to educate you on all available options over a warm cup of coffee or specialty tea.

Cancellation Policy

In order to be able to keep a fair and efficient schedule we kindly ask you to attend to your appointment with-in your prearranged booking. If by any chance you’re not able to attend we ask you to give us sufficient time to make other arrangements. If you’re able, we respectfully ask for at least 48 hours notice, if that’s not applicable please try an notify us as soon as possible so we can find another client that might be interested in having that appointment.

All first time reservations must be accompanied by a credit card. If you’re not able to attend to your reservation than we would have no choice than to charge your credit card with, $100 and $50 for every hour thereafter that your reserved treatment might have been long. Of course, if there was a family emergency or any other, personal or business emergency, we will examine your situation on an individual bases and assess whether a charge should be applied or not.

Spa Etiquette


Please turn your cell phone OFF before entering the spa.


Are entirely on your discretion.

Medical Conditions or Allergies

Please remember to inform the spa receptionist of any medical condition or allergic concerns before booking your service. Some services may have contraindications for who should receive them. Also, please remember to tell the technician if you are wearing contact lenses before you have a facial.

Communicate Your Preferences

All aspects of treatment can be modified to suit your level of comfort. Your therapist can alter the amount of light, music volume level, and room temperature in order to suit your needs.You also have the option of enjoying your treatment in silence if you so please. Simply let your spa technician know what you prefer. During a massage, let the therapist know if the pressure level is what you prefer. During body treatments or facials feel free to ask questions about the products, procedures or expectations of the service.

Give us a Call at 519-601-8881 and reserve a time for your next escape with us!