Laser Skin Therapy

Laser skin care is an effective, advanced and affordable laser treatment option for clients that want quick and long lasting results. The technology offered here at Etherion is called E-Los or E-Light and is a combination of 2 energies, light or laser (IPL) and radio frequency (R+F).

What does 2 energies mean to you?

Let’s take for example a client with very dark skin. If we used IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) only, the energy of the light would be greatly absorbed by the pigment in the epidermis (the inner layer of the skin) and that would be a risky proposition, it could burn the skin. On the other hand, majority of the light will be reflected and retracted and actually only 30% to 40% will be absorbed by the target skin area. So that means, if we want better results we’d have to increase the energy. Do you see the contradiction? Increase the energy we burn the skin, keep the energy low, no results.

That’s were the radio frequency comes in (RF)!

We can have better results in lower levels of energy because of this added energy, were we have to lower the settings for dark skin we increase the radio frequency and we accomplish much better results And vice versa for light skin. In conclusion, we can treat many skin conditions with laser treatment, such us, Acne, Wrinkles, Varicose and Spider Veins, which up until now, would have required more invasive treatments as well as visits to high paying doctor’s offices.

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Laser Hair Removal

One of the earliest Laser hair removal technologies was IPL (Intensive Pulse Light). It was great for dark thick hair but inadequate for thinner lighter color hair, e.g. lip, chin, back (female), sideburns hair. As well as people with light color skin. As strange as it sounds, the thinner and lighter the hair is the more energy is needed by the laser to destroy the hair follicle, (that’s how permanent hair removal is accomplished).

It sounds oxymoron, right? But that’s what the experts tell us…! The lighter the hair the more energy is needed. By combining radio frequency (RF) with intensive pulse light (IPL) we’re able to penetrate the derma (skin for simple), 15 mm deep and that results in destroying the finer lighter hair. In conclusion, this technology is ideal for removing all those pesky and unwanted body hair. The procedure is quick and pain-free, providing male and female clients with a great alternative to traditional tweezing, waxing, and shaving treatments. E-Light/Laser hair removal is proven to permanently remove unwanted hair from practically any area of the body.

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Please keep in mind the following:

Everything mentioned here is based on general research and personal experiences. We encourage you to call us and book an appointment to come in and see us for a complimentary consultation before you commit to anything. This way we’ll have an opportunity to discuss and assess your needs, and come up with a solution that will benefit you based on YOUR needs and not a generality.


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