Laser Hair Removal London Ontario

How Can Laser Hair Removal Help You?

Never have to shave, wax or tweeze again. Now more than ever, laser hair removal London Ontario has advanced so much that is the best time to say goodbye to razors and hello to lasers once and for all! With our advanced IPL/RF (Intense Pulse Light/Radio Frequency) laser machine we can say with confidence that we will provide you with a lasting and economical solution to get rid of your unwanted hair.

ELOS=Two Technologies In One
IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (Radio Frequency)

How does it work?


In the older days, when IPL was introduced for hair removal and was in the beginning stage of development, clients saw slow results and in many cases hair grew back quickly. That resulted in going back to the drawing board. There was something missing, the base was there, light neutralized the follicle but didn’t eliminate it. Besides that, older machines caused blistering, itching and in some cases, discoloration of the skin. These are symptoms which you’ll definitely are not going to see now with this new ELOS technology.

What can I expect?


After intense research scientists came to the conclusion that when you combine IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (Radio Frequency), in hair removal, you actually have 2 energies that work together on one thing. You’ll experience much lesser pain, way faster results and the possibility of the hair growing back is non-existent. Many opinions float as to Laser being better than IPL. Laser is a different technology in the sense that distributes, or to be politically correct, concentrates the beam in one place versus IPL spreads it out to a wider surface. Think of it this way, laser is like a hose poring out water concentrated in one place but IPL is like the spayer we use to water our plants, it covers a wide area. But that’s not it! IPL by it’s self can not, in some cases, compete with laser in hair removal but if you add the RF (radio frequency) than you have the added power and deeper penetration, going beyond the superficial layer of the dermal.


And that is where the controversy and confusion lies Results can be visible from the first treatment. A very important element in seeing great results quickly is also an accurate and professional assessment of your skin type which will determine the appropriate settings that will be used in the course of your treatments. That of course depends on the level of experience and knowledge that the technician has. A qualified laser hair removal technician is an important part of the success.

Does It Hurt?

Some clients feel a small discomfort and a sensation like a rubber band snapping on their skin. We recommend taking some Advil before your treatment, if your tolerance is limited.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?


The time it will take to complete each treatment depends entirely on the size of the body part we’ll be working on. It can take from a few minutes, for an upper lip laser hair removal all the way up to a couple of hours for a leg laser hair removal session.

Hi, My Name Is Ewelina…!

After using this technology for over 5 years and treating many clients I can truthfully say that once you try it you will also rave about it. The prices are very affordable, it is virtually painless and you’ll see results almost immediately. You can trust us for the best laser hair removal London, Ontario results.


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Results vary and depend strongly on skin type, physiology of skin and following technicians instructions. We will assess the situation and implement different course of action if necessary before issuing refunds. We will do everything in our power to bring satisfactory results.
*Above prices are conducive to volume of hair
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You can trust us for the best laser hair removal London, Ontario results.