“Announcing New Help For Acne Sufferers!”

E-Light Acne Therapy, A Laser Acne Removal Treatment That Has Shown Impressive Results Without the Pain

Expense or Side Effects Associated With Traditional Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medication.

”This video demonstrates in a very clear way how the technology works.”

That’s right, Etherion now offers a drugless treatment for your acneproblem which utilizes the power of  Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) and Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF), known as E-Light or ELOS. This “lethal weapon” attacks acne at its root, the glands, without the side effects associated with prescription and some over-the-counter treatments.

Both energies (IPL) + (RF) work in harmonious way. They compliment each other by one giving more power then the other when needed depending the situation.

For example, if we’re treating very dark skin we would need less IPL and more RF and for treating lighter skin less RF and more IPL. It’s that simple! This way, not only we accomplish greater results than ordinary laser machines but as well we eliminate almost all pain and danger of burn or mistake.

It’s kind of Artificial Intelligence.

So how does it work you might ask!

Imagine when a car is exposed to sun, the light enters the interior through the windows and it is absorbed by the interior structures such as the seats, steering wheel and dashboard. The light is then converted to heat, making them worm to the touch.

This process is similar to what happens within the oil-producing glands of the treated area… the invisible light is converted to heat, temporarily disabling and reducing the size of the glands that cause the acne. Thanks to recent advances in laser technology, this is possible without harming or irritating the surrounding skin!

As well, the thermal effect produced by this process also kills the bacteria found within the clogged pores while decreasing the oil production at its source, thus substantially reducing the number of acne blemishes!

Furthermore, since the treatments can be specifically administered to the affected areas only, the skin maintains its overall moisture, thereby preventing the dryness and subsequent increased oil production that often occurs with topical acne skin care treatments.

As An Added Perk, This Laser Treatment Can Also Stimulate New Collagen Formation, thus Healing Acne Scars As Well!

Yes, it’s really true! Aside from treating your acne, this affordable medical grade procedure can also help eliminate your acne scars as well!

That’s right, the same laser energy level used to treat your acne also works in elevating the depressed or pitted acne scars. ELOS Acne Therapy achieves this by penetrating the dermal layer of the skin and producing new dermal collagen to elevate the depression. In a short period of time, as this new collagen begins to build up, the appearance of the scar will lessen and eventually fade away with time!

So instead of just dealing with your acne scars, with serve as a constant reminder of your previous bouts with acne, you can now take a stand and do something about it!

“This video was not produced by us and we’re not associated with the presenter or the facility in any way, we borrowed it for the purpose only to demonstrate the features and benefits of the ELOS technology, it is exactly the same technology we use here at Etherion.”

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