How Can Laser Treatment for Rosacea Help My Skin?

Finally, With Laser Treatment For Rosacea, You Can Eliminate Rosacea, Blemishes and Dilated Blood Vessels As Well As Acne-like Breakouts Associated With Rosacea Without Expensive Creams or Dangerous Prescription Drugs. Learn Now Skincare and Pharmaceutical Companies Hope You’d Never Find Out!

22% Of Young Females Under The Age Of 25 Suffer From Rosecea

Are you embarrassed by how your face looks with all the blemishes and dilated blood vessels created by rosecea?

Do you feel self-concious when people stare and often wonder if they are looking at you or your reddish skin?

Maybe you’ve already tried other solutions like herbal remedies, facial creams even as a last resort, prescription medication, but the problem persists!

If the above sounds like you than consider this

Fortunately, thanks to advances in IPL+RF technology, you may now be able to put an end to your frustrations and wake up in the morning ready to enjoy your day knowing that your skin is clear and will stay clear… even if other treatments in the past have failed, with laser treatment for rosacea

That’s right! This drugless treatment, known as IPL+RF therapy, has made it possible for you to say goodbye to embarrassing blemishes caused by rosacea and hello to clear, youthful and healthy skin.

Intense pulsed light treatments (IPL) or otherwise laser treatment for rosacea, with the addition of radio frequency (RF) can help decrease the redness, dilated blood vessels, as well as acne-like breakouts associated with rosacea. It accomplishes this by emitting high-intensity, non-laser pulses of beam so as to go through the epidermis to incredibly specific computer-controlled depths, but without harming the top layer of skin.

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Our IPL+RF machine utilizes a broad spectrum of light. Diverse wavelengths of light are used to aim for damaged tissues within the skin. For instance, wavelengths that can be absorbed by the reddish color of hemoglobin inside blood vessels are used to remove the dilated “spider” veins associated by rosacea.

What are the steps involved in laser treatment for rosacea?

First thing, your skin will be carefully cleansed before anything. We’ll be providing you with safety glasses to guard your eyes, and then we’ll apply a cool gel onto the area of your skin targeted for therapy. The treatment alone requires about fifteen to 30 minutes. During the treatment, we will carefully press a smooth wand-like hand piece, which produces the carefully calibrated pulses of light, crosswise your skin. Some clients describe the feeling of the pulsing light as similar to the very small “snapping” of a rubber band.

You can expect to see some results after a 1 week or two. In lieu of optimum, long-lasting results, however, you’ll most possibly need a small sequence of laser treatment for rosacea -four to six, spaced a month or so apart. Effects can last for twelve months or longer.

Minimal Side Effects.

adult_rosacea adult_rosacea

Not An Uncommon Concern For Adult Males As Well.

Because its light it will not damage the upper layer of skin, IPL is recognized as a non-ablative treatment. As a result, side effects are minimal. You’ll experience a little minor redness and swelling for twenty four to 48 hours, but bruising and further side effects are uncommon. As a result, you can return to your usual activities immediately subsequent to procedure, if you want. You won’t have to take any time off for “recovery.”

IPL will not work on all skin types. Patients with darker skin tones or who have spent a lot of time out in the sun may not be good candidates for this therapy. We will be able, after a careful assessment to give you a recommendation that will be best for your skin type. After all, IPL is not the only way to treat rosacea, we have alternatives and we’re confident we’ll find one that suits your skin type. If we are not able to correct the problem, rest assured that we will recommend someone who can and in that case will probably be a dermatologist.


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