• New Radiance Facial $79

    This facial treatment targets all the parameters of the aging process. Restore radiance to your face by restoring optimum moisture and nourishment to skin cells. Soft and radiant skin is fully visible almost immediately following the treatment.

  • Custom Vitale Facial $95

    Free your skin from impurities with the amazing oxygenation effects of this unique facial. The Custom Vitale Facial is designed to bring elasticity back to your skin, and will wipe away the most common signs of aging. This exclusive facial treatment utilizes a “sauna effect,” resulting in deep skin cleansing. The ionization process that takes place prior to the treatment enables the cleansing products to more efficiently and effectively penetrate your pours, as well as allow the ingredients of the products to activate within your skin cells. This facial will leave your skin with improved hydration and a renewed glow


  • Custom Vitale Lift (Non Surgical Facelift) $155

    This facial treatment includes all the principals of the Custom Vitale Facial Treatment (see above) as well as a bonus lifting action. Designed with micro-current technology, the Custom Vital Lift uses a high-tech muscle stimulator to revitalize tired facial muscles. Once activated, the muscle stimulator revives long forgotten muscle memory, causing the muscles beneath the skin to instantly lift, tighten, and tone. Improvements are visible immediately following treatment.

  • New Man New Youth Facial $79

    A facial exclusively and specifically formulated for male skin. This six step facial treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, comedome (blackhead) cleansing, massage, and a custom mask to soften and heal the skin’s texture and improve your overall complexion.

    A hand and foot massage is included with this facial treatment.


Essential Enhancements

Add one of the following beauty enhancers to any one of our facials.

  • Casmara Mask $35

    A great treatment enhancer for those who are prone to Rosacea or Acne Rosecea. This treatment is also recommend for sun damaged skin as it helps to strengthen the capillary walls and sooth redness. Leaves skin smooth and rebalanced.

  • Indian Head Massage $25

    Based on Ayurvedic ancient healing techniques, this treatment is aimed to release stress that has accumulated in the head, face, neck and shoulders. This massage is designed to relieve tension, fatigue, and headaches, and will leave you feeling calm and re-energized.

  • Your Eyes, The Window To Your Soul!!
    • Eyebrows Tint $15
    • Eyebrow Shape and Tint $25
    • Lashes Tint $27
    • Bright Eyes Package $50 (includes eyebrow wax and tint, and lash tint)

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