Fusion Skin Therapy Where Health and Beauty Meet

As the largest organ of the body, the health of your skin is an integral component to total body wellness. At Etherion, we combine nature and science to offer face treatments tailored to promote the optimal health and vitality of your skin.

Come in and experience our natural, organic and completely toxin-free treatment options and products.

Each stage of life offers us unique opportunities to experience our own inner and outer beauty. Our mission at Etherion is to enhance the health, healing and overall well being of our clients… and this
certainly includes providing skin care. Rather than an extravagant luxury, we strive to make today’s skin health an affordable wellness necessity.

Over time, skin begins to weaken and change, affected by the sun, diet, hormonal changes, stress and other environmental factors. Our treatments are designed to encourage your skin to renew its natural beauty.

Just as your body can get used to the same workout, your skin too needs to be challenged, energized and revitalized by a “circuit” type routine. As we “change up” your skin care routine, we remove surface damage to stimulate the natural creation of new cells and provide your skin with essential nutrients.

Our peels are all-natural fruit enzymes, vitamins with nature’s healing agents that effectively stimulate and redefine skin, resulting in corrective, result-driven solutions that don’t over-process the skin.

As the largest organ of your body, the health of your skin is an integral component to total body wellness

Our Fusion Skin Therapy Will Have Your Face Glowing and Radiant
While Also Improving Your Total Body Wellness

Our Fusion Skin Therapy Includes:


First we will start you off with a scientific skin analysis with our NEW, Magnetic Skin Analyzer. This technology has been used by the Russians for years and has been developed lately by scientists to help analyze the overall body performance. It reads the human body performance by measuring the explosions of the blood cells. Amazing stuff that will benefit your overall skin health immensely.
Our 20 year veteran esthetician Katina will provide you with a written, step by step protocol. Valued at $79


Your first treatment will be our Non-Surgical Face lift. Ladies are raving about this treatment. It focuses around the eyes, brows, jaws and neck. It will stimulate those face muscles and lift that dreaded eye area that we all have missed with time passing. The main technique here is Micro Current technology and it works by stimulating the muscles. After, we will perform 2 deep cleanses which will penetrate the inner skin as well as stabilize those crazy, out of control, PH levels.

Sequentially, we will apply serum with a sauna mask, this is a “secret” technique. This special mask creates a sauna effect and therefore helps penetrate the product deeper. We’ll follow up with the infamous process of extractions. Using our current technology machine we’ll apply ionization on your skin as well as perform a lymphatic drainage to help release all the toxins from your body. Valued at $155

After an hour and a half of heavenly micro-current treatment, you will receive an amazing Microdermabrasion treatment. Our powerful machine will eliminate that top layer of dead skin and replace it with your rejuvenated, youthful under-layer, that’s been hiding for a while and craves to come out. The dead cells will gently be exfoliated and your natural collagen and elastin fibers will be stimulated resulting in firming your skin. Valued at $89

And to top it all off, we’ll perform a Glycolic Acid Peel treatment. Now, don’t let that word “acid” scare you. It’s not as bad as it sounds. The acids that are used in cosmetics derive, usually, from fruits. They are low level acidic and they help by offering another level of exfoliation, penetrating even deeper and bringing out a glowing and supple skin. Valued at $89

This series of treatments are performed in two visits and are recommended for ladies that are looking only in greater results.

Limited Time Special Offer:

The total value for this package is $412 and for a limited time you can have it for only $179!

Plus, we’ll include a 10% discount on all recommended products that you might choose to bring home with you to extend your skin care regimen in the comfort of your own home. (not mandatory in order to experience great results).

Contact us today at 519-601-8881 to schedule your Fusion Skin Therapy Session and have beautiful, radiant, supple skin year round. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve all of your skincare goals.

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